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... pix ? Faces [lul's lead]
I need this actor to have this show!

Slaves of Utopia
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Season 2 -- LUL-2010 [Fall]
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... one-man show. [Last Krapp's Tapes or Amadeus Structure? Does he talk to anybody but audience?]

They show the materials [pix. sound, video] of the crimes. They loop it for him in his cell? What punishment could be right for him?

"Devils-2" (themes references?)

Una bomber Files [ G-groups : playwright & stagematrix ]

Story : how did he sent to die his teen son.

... Terror and Pity. Two strings. What pity? Pity for your immortal soul.

Red Terror

Do you hear sounds? I hear music.

... [ images ]

{ Red, White and Black Terror }

Monologues on trail:
-- Ultimate live theatre experience, one time event, turning passers-by into participants, and if they are lucky -- spectators. This moment they will always will remember.

Returning the ritual, sacrificial act, and you call our hero a villain? Why? What is different today?

Not asking for a ticket in this happening? You are invited against your will? Yes, you are being cast by hero-god to play a victim, to take the sins of the world on yourself!

You didn't ask for it?

Who asked you? Why do you think it's your choice?

He, the first one, the savior, was never asked either.

Didn't we want to follow this man and his act for two thousand years?


What is missing? The suffering? Kaboom! -- and the show is over. Very short one.

The show you want to miss... :)

Crime? What crime? What is crime?

Crime is to live your empty, mindless life -- without purpose, meaning, goal. You are the criminals!Billions of you!

[Dostoevsky about a child's tear] Child is perfect to play this role! Perfect. "Innocent victims"? Of course! That's the point! It always was this way, from the very beginning. Innocent, virgin!

From Utopia


You are too weak for anything, i direct you, your death is a gift for you from above.


Red Terror website: -- Terror

... first draft:

What if I am wrong? Such questions doesn't exist in my universe.
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