-- "Do you love theatre"? [monologue] semi-improv

-- How much?


-- Why do you love theatre?

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  1. Act I : Cattle Call
    • scene 1
    • scene 2
  2. Act II : Callbacks
    • scene 1
    • scene 2

"Writing a Show" -- Caligari style

How to record the "drafts"?


-- even video/audio recording should become a part of the actual show?



top hats, sticks, bow-ties, sun glasses. Gloves, vests! Canes as magic sticks? One derby hat?

circus tricks with stick and hat + plates

Americana -- jazz

"on strings" and subject compositions [stick-frames]

... hard colors, dance shoes [b/w] capes! Red, Gold, Green handkerchiefs

silver, gold glitter


long cigarette holders

coke battle dance [with its sound effects]

plastic bags numbers

newspapers transformations

shaba dance

one... tuxedos ?

... fake big makeup:


Two leads and TWO choruses [girls vs boys]


[ other images -- mise-en-scenes ]

tableaux -- for each character, for each scene -- as in modeling, with flashes

stages of drama -- evolution of sound [sounds]

G-stagematrix [group] notes

... fake money [quote from Cabaret] paper and coins

Swim suit competition [beauty pageant]

end -- almost naked -- we are humans.

Lul : "Making A Chorus Line" [concept-show and development through Improv]

... images, sounds, texts

G-groups -- stagematrix & playwright [director's notebooks]

First (big) "original show: Lul-concept :

Public or "Open" Theatre -- open auditions, open rehearsals = process as performance.

Topics, issues, subjects -- discussions [ table period that never ends ]

Aspects of production : cultural identity -- what is SELF and Chorus?

Ethnicity -- "one out of many"?

Theatre as Family model? Church?

Three pictures [left] --

1. angelic identity [ artist ]

2. music - strings, cords

3. faces and places -- the idea of Capital [Academy?] Metropolis.

... dance numbers:


tango, waltz... salsa? [ gypsy kings ]

"suspenders dance" -- she dressed as he.

Auditions presentation as workshop?

"White Face" -- Madonna-like

Cabaret scenes:

bola hats dance vs. clowns



2010 [ first season ]


Director & Assistant/Translator

Cast -- 12

Auditions for Lul

chorus.et :

[ posters, PR, publicity ] lul.vtheatre.net/tour + teatr.vtheatre.net/seasons

filmplus.org/students/lul :

Auditions, single numbers, monologues, stories...

What number they are competing in (as in Et. Idol): song and dance

... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Chorus_Line

Topics for discussion -- money, success, diaspora, love... and death (subtext)