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NB. Even this directory instead of being in Russian for Russian is to be in English for Theatre in Ethiopia. This is beyond ironic!

It's could be in Russian for dead Russians.

For public that is not born yet.

Utopian spectators... & Lul shows -- I have to think about it.

Thought of Dr. Caligari [ ? ]

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... East Africa Conference 2008 22nd to 27th November Addis

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I do not know how much could be done before the end of 2008 : conceptual and paper work. Especially, academic/artistic aspect of LUL.
Administrative structure?


Concept-shows : Chorus Line Ethio, DIASPORA.ET...


Improv generated scripts, with new versions...

Where is to write about this artistic intentions and methods?


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School of Russian Theatre in English for Ethiopia?

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Theatre LUL Academe : Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Administrative :

1. Theatre Company/Groups Profile ( Brochure )
Artistic Headsí Profile ( Director, Playwright, Choreographer)
Brief Description of the Performance ( In 500 words)/ Synopsis of the Performance
Total running time of the Performance ( Maximum of 60 minutes )
A list of the names and the roles of each participant must be submitted as an attachment to the Application Form

to think through... internships, fest?


Participants will be accommodated in Addis Ababa. The cost per single/double room will be between US $ 25 and US$ 75.

There should be no problem of finding good restaurants in Addis Ababa, with food costing between US $ 3 and 5. Otherwise there will be light food stalls around the performance venues.

First Aid service will be provided at the festival venues. Serious cases will be referred to pre-selected major hospitals.

Internal Transport
The festival Committee will provide transport to all participants from the time of arrival to the day and time of departure.

There will be an information stand at each of the performance venues.

It is our hope that each foreign group or individual will obtain entry visas before they commence their journey.

... see updates @!

[ First -- Summer 2010 -- ]

The East African theater festival [Saturday, 22 November 2008] Abate Mekuria, Mekuria Theater Studio and Entertainment managing director :

In what lies the future theater in Ethiopia?
It is schooling. It is a matter of teaching more and more young students to come up to a high standard. That is the only way out.

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No more 2008 -- Utopia...

Welcome to Utopia, a world where reality and dreams come together, a world where the lowliest of peasants can become the world's greatest heroes. A world unlike any other that you may have experienced now stands before you. Any peasant can become Lord of their own province, but only the greatest can survive. Being a leader in the world of Utopia will challenge your every skill and demand your careful attention. Without diplomacy and tact, you will never rise to the respect the people demand of you. You must decide when to be ruthless and when to be compassionate. Will you run an empire of might or magic? Perhaps one of cunning and betrayal? Alas, it is almost impossible to do them all. Every decision, every challenge will be yours and yours alone.

Not that Utopia...

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